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Aston Bali Resort & Spa, Bali
Bali...the dream island, favored by happy pleasure-seekers. Its name has the allure of mystique, exotic, beauty, and mystery. Aston Bali Resort & Spa, a four-star hotel with five-star qualities, is located in Tanjung Benoa Bali, where the legendary charms..
URL: http://aston-bali.com
Agung Raka Bungalow, Bali
Agung Raka Bungalow Bali consist of 4 standard rooms, 4 bungalows, 3 lumbung sri bungalows, 5 superior and 2 kingdom suites situated amidst beautiful gardens and rice fields. Located at Pengosekan village (art community), 2 km from the centre of Ubud..
URL: http://agung-raka.com/
Aneka Hotel, Bali
Aneka Kuta Beach Hotel Bali is located just few minutes walk from the famous white sandy Kuta Beach, Aneka Lovina Hotel is a finest resort hotel in North Bali and Aneka Bagus Resort and Spa is located on Pemuteran Beach at the Norwest coast of Bali, which..
URL: http://aneka-hotels.com/
Alam Resort, Bali
Alam Resort Bali Indonesia..
URL: http://alamresort.com/
Ananda Cottages, Bali
Located in the cool tranquil hills just outside the village of Ubud, the Ananda Cottage Bali offer lovely rural view surrounded by lush,fertile rice paddies. Bali's natural beauty remain a part at the cottage grounds.Ubud Bali is the perfect place for..
URL: http://ananda-cottages.com
Alam Indah, Bali
Alam Indah Bali, meaning "beautiful nature", is situated along the tranquil Campuhan River Valley in the village of Nyuhkuning Bali - a very secluded setting, yet only a few minutes walk through the Monkey Forest to Ubud the arts and cultural centre of..
URL: http://alam-indah.com/
Pita Maha Resort & Spa, Bali
Set into the side of the Tjampuhan valley in Bali's cultural heartland of Ubud, Bali. the Pita Maha Resort & Spa is a landscaped jewel overlooking the beautiful River Oos. From the lobby and restaurant area, the natural beauty of the Ubud foothills is..
URL: http://pitamaha.com/
Access Bali Villas: Ultimate Bali Villas and Lombok Villas Accommodation Services
Access Bali villas, the ultimate bali - lombok hotel resort villas and bali - lombok private villas accommodation services, bali - lombok villas for rent and bali - lombok villas for sale...
URL: http://villas-bali.com
Bali Travel, Bali Hotels and Bali Villas Reservation Portal - Access Bali Hotel - Hotelwww.net
Bali Indonesia online hotel and villa reservation with real time room availability with huge discount rate, honeymoon, wedding, sightseeing, car rental, airline ticket, adventure, convention, exhibition and incentive...
URL: http://hotelwww.net
Access Bali Travel Information Directory - Baliwww.net
Bali's No. 1 information source. All about Bali such as Bali hotels, culture, religion, holidays, events, handicrafts, health and medical, education, travel, tours, and villas for rent in Bali, Indonesia...
URL: http://baliwww.net
Bakungsari Cottages, Bali
Bali is unique in every aspect, combining natural scenic beauty, magnificent temples and graceful Balinese living in mystical cultures and traditions. Bakungsari cottage and its tranquil surroundings reflect the legend and mysticism of Bali island...
URL: http://bakungsari.com/
Candi Beach Cottage
Candidasa, the Ten Temples, refers to numerous hillside shrines overlooking the beautiful coast of East Bali. Enjoy this peaceful setting at the Candi Beach Cottage. Our friendly staff will make your holiday relaxing and memorable. Located on Mendire..
URL: http://candibeach.com/
Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club
Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club is one of the greatest golf courses in the world. This 18 - hole, 72 part championship course is masterfully designed by famous international golfer and course architect Peter Thomson, Michael Wolveridge and associates..
URL: http://balihandara.com/
Bali Taman Beach Resort
Bali Taman Beach Resort is located on magnificent Lovina Beach, Bali renown for its beautiful wave and beach. Bali Taman Beach Resort is only 10 minutes drive from Singaraja city...
URL: http://balitaman.com/
Kupu Kupu Barong Resort, Bali
The resort was name Kupu Kupu Barong. because of the many beautiful butterflies seen fluttering from one plan to another around the resort. "Kupu Kupu" means butterfly and "Barong" means giant, hence the name "Giant Butterfly" or in Indonesian Kupu Kupu..
URL: http://kupu-barong.com


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Baliwww.com : Bali Indonesia Travel Villa Hotel Portal
Your travel and bussines companion troughout Bali Indonesia including hotel and villa reservation, air ticketing, rent car, convention, tour planner, wedding, diving, adventure and Asia Destinations.
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