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この地域の情報を見る Indonesia for villa type:
Bali(777)Central Java(1)East Java(1)Lombok(8)Riau(2)
West Nusa Tenggara(7)Yogyakarta(2)

地図 インフォメーション: Indonesia > Bali > Canggu

チャングー - -クタ周辺の前向きな発展の結果、バリでの新しい観光地の一つとなりました。クタの中心からは車で約分です。クタ、スミニャックから海岸沿いをずーっと歩いて来ると、この美しいチャングーに着きます。゛静か、美しい、そして落ち着く"、これがこの土地に始めて来た時の印象です。多くの旅行者はクタ、スミニャックよりも美しく、静かなこの土地を好みます。あなたはどう思いますか?

ページ数 : 1 全 14 ページ

Villa Vip Bali Villa Indah Pragina 
Jl. Pantai Pererenan, PO BOX. 80361 Canggu
Type : villa
(7 部屋)


料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Villa Mako  Four Star
Canggu Canggu
Type : villa
(3 部屋)

Description:Villa Mako is a peaceful 3-bedroom retreat, complete with swimming pool and large garden, located in a quiet traditional village above a small river valley. The single-story villa is neon-colonial in style, similar to the Dutch guest houses of the Javanese and Malay hill stations, characterized by louver shutters, old teak doors, and spectacular high wooden ceilings built of seasoned timbers. The eclectic interiors reflect the travels and passions of the owners, introducing Balinese and Javanese antiques, combined with a bold use of color to create a very personal atmosphere. Designed to maximize..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Villa Mustika Juma 
Jl. Veteran, Banjar Gunung Buduk, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia Canggu 80351
Type : villa
(3 部屋)

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Villa Puri Bawana  Five Star
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong Canggu 80361
Type : villa
(5 部屋)

Description:The splendid 5-bedroom Puri Bawana Estate, complete with 30-metre swimming pool, rests upon almost two acres of land (7000m2) surrounded by emerald rice fields, within walking distance of the beach at the fishing village of Canggu on Bali痴 southwest coast. Designed by the internationally acclaimed architect, Guy Morgan, the estate is resourcefully integrated into the natural terraced contours of a hill. It is comprised of a series of thatched pavilions, housing a remarkable open Living Pavilion, an elevated Dining Pavilion, an Entertainment Room, two Kitchens and five Bedrooms, complete with..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Villa Hidden Beach 
Jalan nelayan 100xxx Canggu
Type : villa
(4 部屋)

Description:Villa Hidden Beach is tucked away down a rustic lane on the bank of Canggu river just 100 meters from the beach and if you are awake early enough you can go down to the beach and barter for fresh lobsters, fish & crabs, delicious seafood which can be prepared by villa痴 cook just the way you like it. Villa Hidden Beach is around 15-minute drive to Seminyak area, the upscale tourism area of Bali where you can find Bali痴 finest restaurants and boutiques, and 45-minute drive to Ngurah Rai International Airport . Villa Hidden Beach is a beautiful blend of traditional architecture thoughtfully..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約
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