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この地域の情報を見る Indonesia for villa type:
Bali(777)Central Java(1)East Java(1)Lombok(8)Riau(2)
West Nusa Tenggara(7)Yogyakarta(2)

地図 インフォメーション: Indonesia > Bali > Singaraja

シンガラジャ- - 平穏、エキゾチック、ナチュラル、エグゼクティブ、美・・・。そんな印象のシンガラジャは、丘と山、海とライスフィールドに囲まれています。特にロビナビーチのサンセットは、水平線には船の灯かりが輝く星々のようにまたたき、とても美しく、魅力的です。 きれいなサンセットを楽しんだ後はエキゾチックなこの土地でディナーをお楽しみください。 このバリ北部の街シンガラジャはバリ島の中でも歴史ある地区ですが、新しいホテルの建築が進み、快適に過ごせるホテルもたくさんあります。

ページ数 : 1 全 2 ページ

Dolphin Beach Bali  Three Star
Jalan Raya Singaraja-Seririt, Kaliasem, Lovina Singaraja 81152
Type : villa
(5 部屋)


料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Kasan Green Hill Villas & Restaurant  Three Star
Ds. Gobleg, Kec. Banjar, Singaraja 81152
Type : villa
(5 部屋)

Description:Kasan Green Hill Villas & Restaurant are just 2,5 hours drive from the International Ngurah Rai Airport. Located at the famous country side living of Gobleg and Munduk Villages. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hot spring, ricefields, coffee & clove plantation, all are in couple minutes reach. Here are the best place to escape from your busy world and hear the sound of birds and wind by your ear and heart.These villas are comfortably designed to have a different way to enjoy the country side living while you can enjoy the fresh world of natural surround to get away from crowded and tiredness of city..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali formerly Jepun Bali Villas  Four Star
Jl. Singaraja - Amlapura No. 100, Singaraja
Type : villa
(38 部屋)

Description:"'ジプン・バリ・ビラはバリ北東の人里離れた魅力的な島のリゾート地にあります。近代的なリゾートは美しく、静かで、手の入れられていないバリでの究極の避暑を提供します。 周辺の自然環境と美しい景色が滞在者に安らぎを与え、バリの魅力的な精神を体験できます。 '""' レクリエーション 海際のココナッツツリーが横に並ぶスイミン ..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Munduk Moding Plantation  Four Star
Br. Dinas Asa, Ds. Gobleg, Kec. Banjar, Singaraja 81162
Type : villa
(9 部屋)

Description:Welcome to Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) Come and enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of Northern Bali in unparalleled luxury and privacy. MMP is a luxury nature resort on a working coffee plantation located close by Bali痴 central lakes and Munduk hill station. Our hillsides are covered with jungle, coffee trees, rice fields, and pretty much anything that grows on the island. With just a handful of villas and suites on some 5 hectares of land you can enjoy all this in privacy and genuinely relax far away from the crowds. Designed by award winning Bali architect, Popo Danes, the villas and..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Shangri - La Oceanside Retreat & Spa 
Bondalem Singaraja
Type : villa

Description:Explore the magic of the north shore of Bali as you treat yourself to wellness and adventure at our ShangriLa Wellness Retreat.Our beautiful retreat, with a loving staff and well trained therapists will treat you to an experience that will stay with you forever. We are located 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Ubud on Bali痴 north shore right on the ocean. Location: Bondalem, Bali, Indonesia, Asia (About 40 minutes East of Singaraja on the North Shore) Here on the other side of Bali, away from street noise and crowds, you can relax in an enchanting and tranquil garden setting on a quiet beach.Our..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約
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