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この地域の情報を見る Indonesia for villa type:
Bali(777)Central Java(1)East Java(1)Lombok(8)Riau(2)
West Nusa Tenggara(7)Yogyakarta(2)

地図 インフォメーション: Indonesia > Bali > Ubud

Map of Hotels in North West Ubud Map of Hotels in North East Ubud Map of Hotels in Central Ubud Map of Hotels in East Ubud Map of Hotels in South West Ubud Map of Hotels in South East Ubud

ウブッ - -美しい、自然が豊富、エグゼクティブ、そしてエキゾチック。世界で有名な芸術家が居住する村、ウブッです。学生、研究者、学者など世界中から沢山の人々が色々な面白い事を体験しに訪れます。その影響によってウブッには様々な料金とクラスのホテルが並びます。

ページ数 : 1 全 25 ページ

Alam Puri Art Museum Resort & Spa  プライベートヴィラ
Jl. Trenggana No. 108, South of Ubud Ubud
Type : villa
(10 部屋)


料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Puri Wulandari a Boutique Resort & Spa  Five Star
Jalan Raya Kedewatan, 80571 Ubud Ubud 80571
Type : villa
(35 部屋)

Description:'プリ・ウランダリ・リゾート&スパは豊富な自然環境と古代からの伝統がうまく融合しています。青い空、豊富な緑、古代から続く儀式の心地よい音色などがリゾートを人里離れた心地良く平穏な楽園に造ります。リゾートはウブッにおける洗礼されたバリの最も豪華な所有地の一つです。'ホテルの設備: *Lila..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

The Royal Pita Maha  Five Star
Desa Kedewatan PO Box 198, Ubud 80571
Type : villa
(52 部屋)

Description:Nestled on the slope of a valley landscape descending down to where the Ayung River carves its way through the lush jungle and rice terraces, The Royal Pita Maha is blessed with magnificent view of sweeping rice terraces, river gorges and tropical woodlands. The Royal Pita Maha is located in the village of Kedewatan Ubud just few-minute drive from the heart of Ubud and only 90-minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The Royal Pita Maha also offers easy access to interesting places in central Bali such as Batur Crater Lake, Kintamani, Tirta Empul Temple and Elephant Cave. The Royal..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Viceroy Bali  Five Star
Jl. Lanyahan, Br. Nagi, Petulu, Ubud 80571
Type : villa
(15 部屋)

Description:In the cultural heart land of Bali, a sanctuary of privacy and security, the elegant refined luxury of The Viceroy Bali. Beautifully appointed private villas with individual swimming pools nestled in the serenity of the Petanu valley, yet just minutes from the excitement of Bali's world famous artist community, Ubud. The Viceroy Bali offers all the services of an elite hotel, with Bali's finest full service spa, the Lembah Spa, and the dramatically located gourmet restaurant, CasCades, and yet the seclusion and privacy of an exclusive retreat.The Viceroy Villa The Viceroy Villa features two..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約

Ashoka Tree Resort ex Bali Rich Luxury Villas & Spa Ubud 
Jln. Raya Kedewatan, Br. Tanggayuda Ubud
Type : villa
(20 部屋)

Description:Bali Rich Luxury Villa & Spa Ubud is reminiscent of a traditional Balinese village where life is lived just one day at a time. The property embraces a green parcel of landscape overlooking the Wos River on the rural outskirts of Ubud. It is an area charged with spiritual energy where the legacy of local art and culture is carefully preserved. Guests are welcomed with a signature brand of hospitality and personalized services that enhance the quality of each and every stay. Bali Rich Luxury Villa & Spa Ubud is removed from the busy pace of modern living. It is a place to take time out to relax..

料金: TBA ~スーパーセイバー料金 & 予約
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